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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pink Pompoms

Here is my latest flower.  I based this flower on my "Sunny Cups" that are featured in PENNY FLOWERS.  The flowers are made almost the same but the petals have the points facing outwards instead of to the centre.
I'm not over happy with the name but it's growing on me..  Perhaps I'll change it if something more suitable comes to mind.  I might even drop the "Pink" part of the name and just call them "Pompoms" because the good thing about these flowers is that you can make them in any colour you like.. or have the centres a different colour... anyway you want to suit your layout.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I made these cards for my dear friend, Kaaren.  All of these cards have one thing in common... I have used the Martha Stewart Daisy Corner Border Combo... I just love these punches, especially because of the ease in using them..  Again I was able to feature Tilda...  What do you think of her in a hat?  Doesn't she look so prim and proper? This Tilda is called "Tilda in hat sitting" and the other one is also a favourite... "Ice Ballet/Princes Tilda".
The flowers I've used are Penny's Pride flower, the Peary Flower and the Ultimate Rose.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roses and Penny's Pride

This card was made for a friends mother who celebrated her 80th Birthday this month.
The flowers are my Ultimate Rose and Penny's Pride.. also.. there are a couple of little half closed lilies.
I haven't done many cards of late in a presentation box because it's just been too costly to send them but seeing this was being hand delivered I went all out and made the box.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Tilda

Tilda is certainly fulfilling her purpose in my cardmaking as a backdrop for my flowers.  So much so I am not sure she hasn't become the focus.. and my flowers the backdrop.  Here she is again "Tilda with a cat"  Of course.. this kitty is nothing like my Tshina but she sure is a cutie.  The flowers on this card are my Blue Daisies out of PENNY FLOWERS along with a blossom I did about a year ago and couldn't find a use for.
I made this card for a special friend whose birthday I forgot last year and so this year... I was determined not to forget.  Happy Birthday Marianne.