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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A card for a friend

My goodness it's been such a long time since I posted.  So much has been happening this year and sometimes it becomes quite overwhelming.  I have developed a terrible case of Carpel Tunnel in my right hand (I am right handed) so much so I am finding it so hard to do my crafting.  I am however working on the second PENNY FLOWERS but it's a slow process.  Even though it's hard for me to work on it, it is coming along and when done I'm sure everyone will be quite surprised by some 'surprise' features I am adding to it. I wont be seeing the specialist about my hand until early October which is so frustrating.
With all my weight loss, which is now just about 50kg I've lost, I've become so interested in fashion and all that goes with it.  I've also learned about shapewear which I always thought was uncomfortable and old fashioned..  that was until I was introduced to BELLA BODIES.  Oh ladies.. it's the most fantastic shapewear about and I just love it.  I call the garments I have my BELLA BEAUTIES.
I've made a card for the owner of this company to thank her for all she has done for us women.  So ladies.. here is my BELLA BODIES card... it's for a lovely lady with a lovely heart.  In fact, a real angel.
This is an Easel card... I love doing these type of cards because it makes putting them on display so easy.