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Friday, October 22, 2010

More lattice cards

Here are two more..  I must say I have really enjoyed making these cards and no doubt will be making many more of them.

On the first card I have used the PEARY FLOWER (One from PENNY FLOWERS) and the leaves are the "little leaves" from Stampin Up.
The next card has two pink PENNYs PRIDE Flowers and a Pink Rose.  The rose leaves are birch leaves and the others are Creatables die cuts.

Next Lattice Card

Here is the second lattice card.. On this card I have used little Blossom Roses and the leaves I've used are Creatables die cuts.

Lattice Cards

Hi everyone...

I'm always looking for new ideas as backgrounds for my flowers.  Recently I was reading VALITA's blog and saw her Lattice Cards.... Oh how gorgeous and I just had to have a go at them.

Normally these cards would only be as wide as your die cut machine but because I have an EZCut I can put an A4 sheet through it and therefore can do my bigger size cards.  Most of them I do 19 x 14.5cm... that way they fit in the postage boxes I buy.  I am going to show you these cards, one at a time because I'm having problems posting more than one.... so please bear with me.
On this lilac card, I've put PENNYs PRIDE flowers that I've made using small balloon punches and keeping them to one colour instead of the normal colours for this flower.  The leaves are Creatable die cuts.