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Saturday, August 29, 2009

More cards for friends...

Here are some more cards made for friends.. It always brings me so much pleasure when I know that a card I've sent has put a smile on a friends face.

Auctioned for Cancer

Here are two cards I made to be auctioned in the USA to aid Colon Cancer. The flowers on these cards are my own designs and are in my eBook, PENNY FLOWERS. I made a presentation box for each one as I usually do for my 3D cards.

Hungry Jacks (Burger King)

When I first started to help some of my Internet friends enter the world of Floral Paper Sculpture one thing that was asked many times and that was.. "what sort of paper do you use?" At that time I was mainly using text weight paper but since then I've found that papers a little heavier, but not card stock, can produce some wonderful effects. However.. back then when asked I said that so long as the paper was the colour you wanted and that you could punch and mould it.. it didn't really matter.. I said "you know.. I heard once that someone had made these flowers from a placemat from a fast food restuarant". The person I said this to thought I was joking. Sometime later while my hubby and I were having dinner at Hungry Jacks (known to some as Burger King) I was looking at the placemats and decided I would give it a go myself so I asked one of the staff if I could have a couple of placemats. Without going further into this story which could become a novel.. I was given two different placemats which I made a card from each. Apart from the actual card.. the flowers and the leaves were made from the placemats. I only used the one type of placemat for each card, however, I did use two of each one.


Roses, Roses, Roses

Nearly everyone loves a Rose.. I must say it's been one of my most favourite flowers to make. These cards were made over the last four years and sent to some of my internet friends. It's a nice feeling to know that I've been able to share a little part of me with friends all over the world.
Here are some of my ROSE cards.

Melaleuca - Paperbark Tree

I've been looking back on some of the work I've done over the past five years or so and some of it that I thought was good at the time, I wouldn't consider showing you now, however one piece I did back then was a Melaleuca - Flowering Paperbark Tree.. I'd really like to do this again now because my techniques have changed so much since then.
The flowers were made by finely fringing lengths of paper and then 'rolling' them up to make a "pom pom" type flower.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not PINK..

I was just looking over the cards I've put on my blog and it's rather obvious that my most favourite colour for making cards is pink! I think I should show you some of my work that is away from the pastel colours that I favour!
The Green card with the Cream flower was made for one of my internet friends a couple of years ago and the one with the Red flowers was made for my good friend Loraine.

Another Baby card

Here is another Baby card that I made earlier this year. The roses on this card were made using my Ultimate Rose way of making them.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Butterfly Bookatrix

Here's another bookatrix card. This one features on of the flowers from my PENNY FLOWERS Ebook.. The Dahlia Rose (left hand side).

Wedding Bookatrix

When my daughter in law asked me to a wedding card for friends of theirs.. she said "Mum.. can you make something special" Well I did my best and I'm told the newlyweds were pleased.. and if the big hug I got from my daughter in law was any indication I would say it was ok.

The Bookatrix certainly makes a lovely card. Some people don't mount them on a card but I like to so that I can put a liner in the card and an appropriate verse.

Baby Cards

I don't make Baby cards too often, in fact, I've only made three over the last three years. The little shoes on each of them were made from a pattern that was (not sure if it still is) a free download on the net... I downsized the pattern and changed it a little to suit myself.

Cards entered in 2008 Royal Melbourne Show

Here are the cards I entered in the Royal Melbourne show last year along with my Floral Display which I have showed you.
They didn't have any individual categories except for Parchment Craft so it made the field wide open... however, I was pleased with how I went.
I did a set of two Boxed Oriental Bookatrix cards for which I got a VHC - Very Hightly Commended and I also did a set of two Boxed Floral Birthday cards for which I got HC - Highly commended. There were so many cards entered I would have hated to be a judge.
In the photos it shows them in and out of their boxes.
I can say I did it once because I wont do it again.. I don't like being under pressure.

My Miss Tshina

I'd like to introduce to you all my darling girl, Miss Tshina. Most of you who know me will already be well acquainted with this very clever feline. Next to my wonderful husband she is a big part of my life... It's her constant companionship that keeps me from overdoing things when no-one else can. Tshina has been with me now for over three years and rules the roost like only a Siamese can.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Royal Melbourne Show - 2008

Last year, 2008, was the first time the Craft section had an entry for an ARRANGEMENT OF HAND MADE FLOWERS. I had been convinced by a few friends to enter some cards with my Floral Paper Sculpture on them but when this category was included it meant more to me to see how my work would go. I did just that and I WON FIRST PRIZE. Here is my entry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to my world of Floral Paper Sculpture

Hello everyone..
Welcome to my world of Floral Paper Sculpture. Blogging is a new experience for me and I hope that by sharing with you from day to day I will be able to give you all an inside look into my most favourite form of Paper Crafts.. Floral Paper Sculpture.
In April 2008 I finished writing my ebook PENNY FLOWERS which comprised of a CD with the ebook PENNY FLOWERS in PDF format and a gallery of my card making up to that date. It also came with two DVDs that has movie clips showing how to do the different techniques used for making my flowers.
PENNY FLOWERS was written how "I" would like to find a book written on the subject. It covers ..
Step by step instructions to Create a flower
The mediums we use.. paper and colour
The adhesives we use..
The tools we use for shaping and moulding
The punches we use... craft punches
The different techniques used to shape and mould your petals and leaves etc.
24 of my own creations
Six flowers created by friends.

This project was done as a labour of love and while I thought at the time this would be the first and last book I would do.. things have changed and I have since done a second DVD on making THE ULTIMATE ROSE.

I'm currently writing a supplement for PENNY FLOWERS and have designed more flowers ready to go with this supplement. I am also preparing another DVD on LILIES which will hopefully be completed before the end of the year.