Thursday, May 29, 2014


Hello Friends..

Finally the day has come that I have my Knee Replacement Operation.  I go into hospital tomorrow morning and will be operated on before lunch...  May 30th.

I'm sorry I haven't been much of a blogger.  My pain levels have been so bad that I have been spending 80% of my day in bed.... and I have been like this for some time now which, as you can imagine, has limited my craft word.
I am so looking forward to being able to do my craft without the restrictions I've had.  Oh to be able to walk again without horrendous pain will be so good.  I can't wait to be able to walk with my husband.... holding his hand and in my other hand.. carrying my handbag.  Something that has been impossible since November last year when I started to use crutches to get around.

As soon as I am up and running... literally   I shall let you all know how I went.  Until then.. please keep me in your prayers.  I am so scared of this whole procedure but I know it is so needed.  While I am afraid.. I do cling to my Lord and know that He will be there, guiding the surgeons hands.

I love you all and thank you for not abandoning this slack blogger.      hugs.. Angie

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And finally.....

Here are two special cards I made...

This is the card I made for my good friend, Bee's, birthday.  If you haven't looked at her blog.. oh my... you really should.  Bee is my partner in our Yahoo group, PENNY FLOWERS...  she's been a tower of strength to me for years now.  Her blog is on the side of my blog here... BAUKJE'S CARDS & CRAFTS.


Finally.... FOR NOW ONLY... a display I made for my most favourite coffee haunt... and the special lady there who make's the best coffee in town!
This is an A4 display (landscape) in an open frame.

And some more...

Hello everyone

Hello dear followers...

I looked at my blog via my phone the other day and realised AGAIN... how long it's been since I last wrote.
My health has been suffering even more of late.  My knee is so much worse and it's causing my back to hurt so much.  This is because of the crutches but given they're the only way I can walk.. it's a vicious circle.
Finally it's getting close that I will be having surgery.  I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon in November and he put me on the semi urgent list to have a full knee replacement. Normally that's up to a 3 month wait... unfortunately Christmas and the New Year holidays was in the middle of this.  I am now hoping I shall hear any day now that I will have a date for the surgery.  I would ask that you keep me in your prayers.

I've still been making cards but I had to admit that during the heatwaves we've been having I've been to drained to do much.  Here are some of the work I've done since I last posted.

Much love to you all and thank you all so much for being so dedicated in your following.  To those who wrote to me asking about PENNY FLOWERS eBook... I had all the emails in a folder so I could answer you all and explain why I hadn't been in touch.  Where that folder went?  I don't have a clue but I should still have your emails in my archives so I'll try and see if I can find you there.  I'm really sorry.

hugs... Angie

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's been happening

Hello dear Followers..

Every time I write it seems as though it's been ages since I've done so.  Some of you have written to me either commenting on my work or asking me about my PENNY FLOWERS eBook and I have been so remiss in responding to you.  I do hope you'll forgive me and PLEASE, write to me again because I'm afraid I have forgotten who has asked or said what.  When you do write.. please make sure you tell me this is not your first time in writing to me.  For those I've neglected... I shall send you a copy of my eBook, free of charge.... oh and for anyone else who asks.  
One thing I have found is that if I am going to send my eBook.. then you need to have an email that will accept a big file.  It's about 12meg.

Now... first of all let me tell you what has been happening in my life.  About six months ago? (goodness, I cant remember how long) my knee started to give me problems.  As if it wasn't bad enough that my back causes me so much pain.. then my knee.  I have finally gone and had an xray and ultra sound on it.  The new is not good.  I have severe Osteo Arthritis in the right knee and I am going to need full knee reconstruction/replacement surgery.  Given that I'm so poor... this means going on a waiting list which could be up to a year... and that's just to see the orthopedic surgeon.  I know there are so many who suffer worse than I do so I am trying not to complain too much.

What else is there to tell you?  Oh I know!!  I've joined Pinterest. I had so many people tell me they had seen my cards on this 'pinterest' and I not only didn't know what it was but sure didn't understand it. Well after hearing so many ladies talking about it... I signed up.  I've put some of my work there and some of my interests.... but I'm still a learner and don't know sometimes how to invite someone to follow me etc.  If you would like to see my Pinterest.. which I remind you, is in it's early stages... here is the website (I think that is what one calls it)

Angie's Pinterest 

One more thing before I show you my latest card.  At the end of this month, AUGUST 30TH. to be precise, I will be demonstration at the Paperific Craft Show in Melbourne.  I'll be on the FATCATS CARD CORNER stand which is owned by the beautiful Kaaren.  So my friends.. if any of you are in Melbourne... I would just love it if you could come and say hello to me.  Please identify yourself as one of my Blog followers.  Oh how exciting that would be... to meet you in person.

Here is my latest card.  I haven't made too much that I can show you over the past month or so.  I've been getting ready for the above show and I'm keeping what I am demonstrating there a surprise... so as soon as the show is over.. I'll be sure to show you all.  Ok.. here is my latest...

Much love to you all...

hugs.... Angie      Oh.. and a big MEIOWWWWWW from my little Duchess...  Fergie!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where has the first part of our year gone?

I can't believe we're already into July.  Where did the first six months of the year go?
I'm dealing with a lot of pain lately and trying to adjust to a new medication regime which isn't easy.. Thank goodness I have my faith in God.. and the talent HE has given me with my Craft Work. Here as some of my latest cards.  I hope you're all well and happy.     
hugs... Angie

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some cards made in May

So much has been happening in my life.  Firstly, I've been in a lot of pain with the problems I have in my back. This means a whole new lot of xrays and CT Scans and a relook at the pain medication I am on. As if this hasn't been enough to stress me out, on Saturday, 1st June, we were in a car accident. Praise God neither my hubby or I were hurt but the driver who rammed into the back of us took off and we don't have any of his/her details.  The force in which we were hit spun our car around 180deg and up a gutter and small embankment.  Again, Praise God the only damage done was that we now need a complete new wheel, muffler and part of our exhaust and the tow bar is probably going to need replacing.  Lucky for us our car isn't one of the new ones that have a lot of plastic on them.. had it been, it would have been a write off!  

Over May I made a few cards.. here are some of them.

This last card (done in the red & black) is similar to one I've shown you before.  Just look back a few entries on my blog and you'll see it.  The difference between the two is that this one has different flowers.  These are the Die-Namics Mini Hybrid Heirloom Rose whereas the first one was the Die-Namics Layered Rose.  This one I've used the Cheery Lynn City Girl Edger, whereas on the first one I used the Cheery Lynn Anastasia Lace.  The only other difference is that I used a different leaf swirl type of die on each of them.  
I hope you're all well and happy.  I'm currently working on some new ideas.. I'll show you when they're done.