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Monday, June 14, 2010

My Angel Pins...

I was given some little angel pins which I just adored... I looked at them and looked at them and worked out how I could add my own touch to them... here they are.

I also made some more decorative pins... Now I just have to incorporate them on my cards which I hope to do this week.  I just love the elegant look they give and they're not expensive to make.  I don't think any one of my pins has cost me more than about $1.50.

 Thanks to all who have made such lovely comments on my work.  I'm relatively new to 'blogging' so I am yet to work out how to do things so please don't think I deliberately ignore what you say.

PENNY FLOWERS.   I shall be giving information real soon as to how you can get hold of my eBook for PENNY FLOWERS and the ULTIMATE ROSE.  I'm currently making some more copies ready for orders and as I said.. I will give you details real soon.  Thanks again for your support, comments and most of all...your patience with me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Using one of the Nellie Snellen punches..

The flowers on this card were made using the Large 6 Petal Flower - Floral Punch Set by Nellie Snellen.
These punches come in a set where you get the PUNCH and, what looks like a punch but in fact is an embosser.  You punch out the flower and then put the punched piece into the embosser and press down hard to give the shape some depth.
I've seen some pretty flowers made with this so I just had to have a go and did these flowers.  I punched four shapes, embossed them and then.. gave each shape some cupping, starting with just a little working my way with each one giving the next shape that little more.  I then used one of the Nellie Snellen Stamen punches to do the centre.
The pin on this card is the first one I ever made and is a little 'wonky' but I just didn't want to change it.

My latest cards.. using border & corner combos.

Hi everyone.. here are my latest cards.  I did these two, along with the last card I showed you (the one with the pink flower and decorative pin) for a friend of mine.  These cards were made to show what you can do with a couple of the Martha Stewart Corner & Border Combos.
 This one was done using three squares that had the border and corner done around them and then mounted onto pink pearlescent paper..  whereas the next card I made a flap that folds down covering a sentiment.  The flap is held in place by a fancy brad.