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Monday, June 14, 2010

My Angel Pins...

I was given some little angel pins which I just adored... I looked at them and looked at them and worked out how I could add my own touch to them... here they are.

I also made some more decorative pins... Now I just have to incorporate them on my cards which I hope to do this week.  I just love the elegant look they give and they're not expensive to make.  I don't think any one of my pins has cost me more than about $1.50.

 Thanks to all who have made such lovely comments on my work.  I'm relatively new to 'blogging' so I am yet to work out how to do things so please don't think I deliberately ignore what you say.

PENNY FLOWERS.   I shall be giving information real soon as to how you can get hold of my eBook for PENNY FLOWERS and the ULTIMATE ROSE.  I'm currently making some more copies ready for orders and as I said.. I will give you details real soon.  Thanks again for your support, comments and most of all...your patience with me.


Primitive Seasons said...

Hi! I love your fancy pins but don't know much about beading. Could you give us some basic info about what kinds of beads to buy and the fittings? Thanks! Love your blog.


Mad Mary said...

Absolutely gorgeous Pins, as a fan of the colour green my favourite is the middle one in the 2nd picture but i love them all.

Mary x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Hi Angie, I emailed you this morning about your eBook Penny Flowers and have now read on your blog that you will be giving us some information soon about how to get it. Your Floral creations are absolutely STUNNING and I am so looking forward at having a go at floral sculpture.
Please tell me I will be able to get your books in the UK.
Many thanks.
Sheila x

Pauline said...

Hi dear friend.... I love the angels. But your pins are joyful! What a delight they will be on your cards.... I do hope to see some on your cards soon! Bless you!

Love crafts forever said...

O WOW! It is gorgeous. I love visit your blog. Hugs, Nataliya.

Eunice said...

Love the pins Angie, you are so clever and have a good eye for colour.


Vivi Casale said...

they are gorgeous!