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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exactly Two years ago

Yes.. here is a card I completed exactly two years ago. It's dated 13th September 2007 and would you believe.. it was sent to a friend whose name is Penny :)
I hadn't even given my PENNY FLOWERS eBook a thought then.. but no.. I didn't name PENNY FLOWERS after her.. it's just a nice co-incidence about the name. Hi Penny!
I did however base my Floral Display entry that I entered into the Royal Melbourne Show last year on this card... but a much bigger version and with many more flowers.

Fan card

I haven't been doing much over the past few weeks although it seems like I have.
I've sent off birthday cards I've made but these were done some time ago, so it was good to have some work done in readiness :)
One thing I have been working on is a Fan Card... I got the idea from a magazine but just didn't like the way they had done their fans so I did mine 'back to front' (that is with the folds of the fan being in the front and not going into the card. Does that sound like 'Double Dutch'? It does to me :) The little flowers are Autumn Roses.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Penny's Pride

I'm always looking for new flowers to make. I try to base them on real ones but it's not easy competing with God :) He is our Creator and He looks over his creations and says "It is good" while we try to imitate and we don't look at ours being 'good' but instead.. wonderful, fantastic, amazing! If only my work was GOOD.
Whilst looking googling flower images I can across a flower called London's Pride... I didn't think it was a real flower at first but it is... so I did my humble version of it and it's called... Penny's Pride.
Here is a photo of London's Pride and my card with Penny's Pride.


These two cards were made using the actual PENNY FLOWER.. This was the first flower I did for my eBook PENNY FLOWERS.