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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blooming Violets

Hello friends...

Here is a card I just finished today.  The little flowers are BLOOMING VIOLETS from Memory Box and I've used the LOVELY LATTICE M-BOSSIBILITY FOLDER for my background, these folders are great becuase they are double sided and the two designs go well together.. at least they have with this one. I'm yet to check out the other designs. .  I added  the FRAME SQUARE from Joy Crafts as well as the Kaleidoscope Butterfly from Memory Box.

I'm so grateful for the floral dies that are available.  While I prefer to make my own flowers, it can be quite taxing on my sore hands... using the dies is easier for me. 

much love to all..... Angie

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What to do with Fishes!

I've just got over a very busy weekend.  I celebrated my 60th Birthday on Saturday (12th) and then on the Sunday we had a belated Christmas get together with our eldest son and family.  They've been away from Melbourne for sixteen years and very rarely were we able to get together at Christmas time because their work/calling kept them at home (their home).  You see.. both son and daughter in law are Salvation Army Ministers.  The good news is they've been posted to a church here in Melbourne which means we will get to see them more often.

After the busy weekend I then had to go for a nerve test on my hands.  I can't say that was a pleasant experience.  Having electrical shocks go through my arms was an experience on it's own.  I had had this test done about 15 months ago and it wasn't as bad then as it was this time.  Back when I had the first test it showed that my left hand was mild to moderate Carpal Tunnel and my right, moderate to severe.  Now the left hand is moderate to severe and my right... severe to very severe.  I'm hoping when I see the plastic surgeon in just under three weeks he'll organise the surgery without me having to wait and suffer much longer.

I've just made two cards for Fatcats Card Corner using two different Dies from Joy Craft.  One is a Fisherman and the other is Four Fishes.  Gosh was I way out of my comfort zone with these but I enjoyed the challenge and I've now got my thinking cap on for more ideas.  Here is the one with the Fishes.  I painted them with Twinkling H2O's and put them into an Aquarium setting.  Although it's hard to see, the front has acetate over it to give the effect of the glass fish tank.

The Fisherman was the biggest challenge because I felt he needed to be in some sort of fishing scene.  Using sponges and stamps here is what I came up with.  Once finished it still needed something so I put a gold strip down the right hand side and put some of the Fishes on it... to give the appearance of a trophy display.

I must say.. the whole time I was making this card I couldn't help but sing the Chorus we used to sing in church... 'I will make you fishers of men'   I MUST print some of that verse out and incorporate it on a card.

Well... I'm back to my craft table.  While it's hard on my hands I do a little bit and then come back to it.. it's slow going but it means I can still craft.  Please keep me in your prayers.  It's a horrible thing to have my hands out of action and be hurting so much.

Much love....  Angie