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Friday, October 16, 2009

PEARY Flowers

This Peary flower is one of my flower designs featured in my eBook - PENNY FLOWERS. I had quite a few birthday cards to make this month and here they are... all featuring this pretty little flower.

The punches used to make this flower are.. 6 Small Pears; 1 Small Snowflakes; 3 Small Suns.. the leaves I've used for these layouts is a die from Stampin' Up called.. Little Leaves.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I came across the technique of "Inchies" and wondered what on earth they were. Well.. it's a wonderful way of using up scrap paper and one of the things you can achieve is 'patchwork'. Well I am always looking for a new idea to use as a background for my flowers but of late with the high cost of postage I am also looking for ideas to make flat cards so they don't cost the earth to post.
I set out to make some 'inchies' and combined new and used bits'n'pieces. I've used up little scraps of ribbon and braid.. even the little bits of peel offs we have left on the sheet once we've removed the sticker.
Here are some of the 'inchies' I've made as well as a card I put together for a friend's birthday.


When my hubby called home from work and asked how I was I told him I was making a wardrobe.. his response was "I'd like to see that!" I think what he had conjured up in his mind and what I was making were nothing really alike .
Here is another idea as a backdrop for my flowers. I intend on making more and doing more elaborate designs with my flowers but this is my first attempt..

For the twins

Little did I know when I first thought of this idea of making guitars for the musical swap I had organised that my little grandson had developed a real love for them.. How could I not make one for him? I then had to come up with an idea of what to make for my granddaughter.. What else but a CAT! The perfect choice. So Grandma set out to make a special card for her grandtwins..


Music is a wonderful way to express our emotions.. so the idea of incorporating it on a card, either a score of music, the words of a song or even a musical instrument.. makes another great backdrop for my flowers.
Here are two cards I did for a 'musical swap' on my group, PENNY FLOWERS & Paper Crafts. They are "almost" the same but not quite :)


I'm always on the lookout for something to put my flowers with.. The idea of a clock came to mind but what sort? Grandfather clock? Mantel clock? ahhh! what about a Cuckoo clock? After trying to find a pattern without much success I took on the idea of using a bird house.. Here are the results..