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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two more cards

Hi everyone...
My goodness, I sent a link to one of my Pinterest Boards and all of a sudden I get so many starting to follow me there as well as here.  THANK YOU!  For those of you don't know, I do have some other boards there.  Here is the link to all of them.
Here are two more cards...   


These two are a bit like playing "Spot the difference"    They are different but the flowers are almost the same.  These flowers were make out of these two dies.
The dies are from MEMORY BOX and are the DOGWOOD and DOGWOOD outline.  I made these some time ago and have been asked a few times how I made them.  Well, I am going to do a tutorial on these in the coming couple of weeks and post that HERE.  Just for you all.  There is another flower I made after these that I will do also but I shall keep that one a surprise for now.  Oh by the way... I call these my DOGWOOD BLOSSOMS.

Much love to you all.   Angie

Monday, August 24, 2015

A link to my Pinterest

I was uploading the cards I recently showed you that I made using the Die'sire Creat-a-Card die, to my Pinterest when I thought... "Wouldn't it be easy to just send you the link so you can see more of the cards I've made over the past year?"  With this in mind I am going to post the link and would be most greatful if you could,  Tell me if this link leads you to my "Cards made using dies" part of my Pinterest.
From now on, I am going to post my new work here and then I will link it to my Pinterest.  I think that's the best way to do it.  This way all my lovely followers here get to see my work first.  Sounds good to me.

Cards - Using Dies. My Pinterest 

Love and hugs to you all... Angie

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Enchanted Die-sire Cards

Here are two cards I created using the ENCHANTED DIE'SIRE CREAT-A-CARD DIE. This makes up such a pretty card almost in one pass of the die.... mind you, you do have to add your own flair.

ihugs... Angie


Saturday, August 22, 2015

I promised to keep posting and here I am again.  Before I show you some more of my creations, please accept my heartfelt thanks for the messages of love and support.  I am so humbled by the beautiful comments sent to me.  THANK YOU!  I honestly don't believe I deserve it because I have neglected you all so much.  With this in mind, I promise to try and find the time to post more often.

For the next few weeks I am busy getting ready for the upcoming craft show here in Melbourne.  I will be teaching the classes there for Fatcats Card Corner.  If per chance any of you are attending this show on the Friday, please stop by and say hello.  I would be so honoured to meet you.  After I get over the craft show, I am going to post a surprise here... something I've never done before, so stay tuned!

Ok.. here are a few more of my recent cards.

much love to you all...  Angie

The cards are:
  1.  Cornflowers made using the Creative Expressions Cornflower die
  2.  Hydrangea card made using the Impression Obsession Hydrangea card
  3.  Hydrangea card made using above.. 
  4.  La Vie en Rose - "In the pink"  made using French Cat die by Marianne Creatables
  5.  My own flower creations with Marianne Creatables Elegant Square & MC Corners
  6.  Made using Wildflower corner by Memory Box & Paper Artist Doily


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's been SO long

Hello everyone

I am so sorry it's been so long since I have posted on my blog.  Since my knee surgery I have been plagued with even more bad health.  My back problems seem to be getting worse but I just have to soldier on.  I learned from my Pain Management doctor that there is surgery that could relieve some of my pain but... Ohh there is always a BUT....  the public health systerm we have don't think I suffer enough and they wont do this surgery.  I cannot walk 25metres without being in terrible pain however, if I use my walking frame, it's not too bad.  It's so true... the rich get better and the poor don't.  PAH!  I am rich!  I have a wonderful husband, two great sons, their wives, who I consider my daughters, and four outstanding grandchildren.  Oh and lest I dare not mention, the Duchess, My Fergie.  I am so blessed.  I no longer have my parents but I have my Heavenly Father, without HIM how could I go on?

As well as my back problems I was having a problem with my blood sugar.  I am a Type 2 Diabetic and on two different Insulins which amounts to 5 needles a day.  My BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels) had been terrific but of late, because I cannot do the exercise I used to, my morning sugar levels were up a little.  I saw this Diabetic Educator who, in my humble opinion, was a FOOL!!  Oh I don't think I will go into this too much...  anyway, she started me on an Insulin Mix, which meant I would only have 2 needles a day... the two insulins are 'mixed' in one Insulin Pen... Those of you who take insulin will understand.   The FOOL, once she started me on this new regime left the clinic where I was seeing her and when I asked who and how I would be looked after and helped, adjusting to this MIX.. She said she would do so but.... oh yes... here comes the BUT... she would do so by text messaging!  Do you think I am kidding?  Oh no... Starting on this mix I had to start low and build up to the appropriate dose for me.  I didn't understand it much because it was different... so to have my only support done by text messaging was not something I could cope with.  I had to record my BGLs and then photograph the book, send it to this FOOL and when she could be bothered, and often it was near midnight, she would tell me what to increase my insulin to.  My sugar went up and I got scared. In the end I SACKED the silly woman and I'm happy to say, I am with a wonderful Educator now AND as of Saturday, just gone, I am back on the two insulins, which I prefer, and also with a few changes... now only 4 needles a day.  I'm a happy lady.  Ok.. enough of my health issues.  I just wanted to fill you in a little. 

Yes, I've been busy card making and I'm still working for Fatcats on their Design Team. Here is some work I've done since I posted last.
I've been using some of the Sue Wilson - Creative Expressions Dies so I will show you these and then over the next couple of weeks, I will show you other work I have done.

That's it for now.  I didn't realise just how many cards I have made since I posted last but never fear, I shall be back to post them.
I have one more thing to tell you and that is.... I've finally started making some You Tube/Videos. For now I have only made them available for my PENNY FLOWERS Group but very soon I shall post some links for you all to see.  Angelina Jolee I am NOT...  but I try.  
Can I just end by saying... THANK YOU to all of you who haven't given up on me.  Living with Chronic Pain makes my life so unpredictable... I don't know from one day to the next what I am doing... more often than not my pain dictates how my day will be.
Ok... that's enough from me.   Love you all.    Angie