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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Three Angels

I'm not one for making many Christmas Cards however, I have been inspired to do more by my friend, Shazzy.   Here are three I've made using Sue Wilson's Christmas Angels plus one other.

This one is not one of my Christmas Cards... I did this using the 2016 Angel because I wanted to show that this lovely angel can be used for a Christening or Holy Communion.... Guardian Angel?

 Christmas Angel 2014
Ariel: Angel of nature

 Christmas Angel 2015
    Gabriel: Angelic messenger
Christmas Angel 2016
    Charmeine: Angel of harmony

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A new friend and recent work

I had been praying for such a long time for someone to come into my life who I can craft with... who I can  teach and share the talent I have been blessed with... and God has graciously answered my prayer.  A few months ago Shazzy got in touch with me (she'd met me at a craft show) and since that time we've crafted together and become such wonderful friends.  Every Friday we get together and craft all day.  It's so much fun when you can share your ideas and talents with a friend.

This last Friday we made a book card.  Shazzy had bought the Presscut Book Die Set and we worked together and made our cards.  I hadn't made one since doing the Bookatrix years ago.  Here is my card.........
I started this next card a few weeks ago but it then sat on my desk because I just didn't know exactly where I was going with it.  I'd cut the Sue Wilson Gemini Lyra for my decorative edge... Used part of the Sue Wilson Swiss Collection Geneva die to cut the oval but that's were I stopped.  Finally I decided on using some of my Gardenia Roses and here is the finished card.
I've added a bit of Sue Wilson's Trailing Ivy and I made a decorative Teapot pin.  It's been quite a while since I'd made a pin..  You'll be seeing more in my work from now on.

Here are a two more cards I've made in recent days.

The top card is made using the Sue Wilson Festive Collection Christmas Rose with her Lattice Arched Adornment also the Mini Gemini Ursa die as my edge.  The corners are from SW Configurations - Swirly Lace Edger (corners only)  I've also used part of the SW Finishing Touches Scalloped Lattice Buckle.
The next card I've used Sue Wilson's Gemini Rococo die.  The flowers are one of my new creations made with the Cheery Lynn Sweet William die... I call them PENNY DROPS.  

Finally... here are two cards designed and made for FAT CATS CARD CORNER    Both are featuring the Sue Wilson Christmas Rose.

In the top card I've also used the Sue Wilson Australian Collection Background and in the bottom card I've used the SW Arbour Gate... inside the gate you can just see Marianne Creatables Tiny's Couple.

That's it from me for now...  I'll be posting my Friday cards each week... If I forget, someone send me a POKE!   Love to you all and especially to Little Bugalugs

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Making my Gardenia Rose

 I've wanted to do some You Tube videos that I can share with you all but... oh yes, there is always a BUT.  First of all my biggest concern is my shaky hands... over the past couple of years it has become worse and I do tend to get a little self conscience about it.  My mother lived all her life with shaky hands and it's stand to reason that I have inherited the same problem. Seondly I worried that my inexperience with making the videos would show through and I wouldn't be able to come up to a standard that many of you would expect.  Lastly... my poor health and high pain levels often stop me in my tracks.  It's useless to try and do something like this when I am in bad pain, it would show in more ways than one.
The time has come for me to stop procrastinating and  put aside the above concerns.  I am who I am and all I can do is my very best.
A couple of months back I did a tutorial on making my Gardenia Rose.  This flower is made using the Cheery Lynn Gardenia Strip Die both in Large and Small.  Here is my Gardenia Rose... 

This is the first time I've done a video so up close...  my reason for this is obvious... I wanted you to be able to see exactly how it is done.  I do hope it's of help to someone.  I shall definetly be doing more.   By the way.. the way I have made this flower is using the "Ultimate Rose" technique.  I shall be doing a better video regarding this technique very soon.  I have done one but it's not very good and you cannot see exactly what I am doing.  I have also converted into You Tubes my PENNY FLOWERS shapings and moulding.  They are at present not available to the public but I am thinking about changing that.

I'd be interested to have comments on this Gardenia Rose You Tube.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Some newer cards

I was looking at my blog today and I'm so ashamed that there is so much of my work I haven't shared with you all.  Here are a couple of cards made earlier this year.

These two cards were made using Sue Wilson's Australian Collection - Sydney die.  The flowers on the top one are Cheery Lynn Sweet Williams and the flowers on the bottom are my Gardenia Roses made using the small Cheery Lynn Gardenia Strip.

This next card I got my inspiration from Debbie Stevens.  I saw a card she made using this Marianne Designs Brick wall and the Joy Craft Frame & 3 Corners.  I just loved it so sought permission of Debbie to use her idea, which she graciously allowed.... and here is mine.  My flowers are different as well as my text etc.