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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's been happening

Hello dear Followers..

Every time I write it seems as though it's been ages since I've done so.  Some of you have written to me either commenting on my work or asking me about my PENNY FLOWERS eBook and I have been so remiss in responding to you.  I do hope you'll forgive me and PLEASE, write to me again because I'm afraid I have forgotten who has asked or said what.  When you do write.. please make sure you tell me this is not your first time in writing to me.  For those I've neglected... I shall send you a copy of my eBook, free of charge.... oh and for anyone else who asks.  
One thing I have found is that if I am going to send my eBook.. then you need to have an email that will accept a big file.  It's about 12meg.

Now... first of all let me tell you what has been happening in my life.  About six months ago? (goodness, I cant remember how long) my knee started to give me problems.  As if it wasn't bad enough that my back causes me so much pain.. then my knee.  I have finally gone and had an xray and ultra sound on it.  The new is not good.  I have severe Osteo Arthritis in the right knee and I am going to need full knee reconstruction/replacement surgery.  Given that I'm so poor... this means going on a waiting list which could be up to a year... and that's just to see the orthopedic surgeon.  I know there are so many who suffer worse than I do so I am trying not to complain too much.

What else is there to tell you?  Oh I know!!  I've joined Pinterest. I had so many people tell me they had seen my cards on this 'pinterest' and I not only didn't know what it was but sure didn't understand it. Well after hearing so many ladies talking about it... I signed up.  I've put some of my work there and some of my interests.... but I'm still a learner and don't know sometimes how to invite someone to follow me etc.  If you would like to see my Pinterest.. which I remind you, is in it's early stages... here is the website (I think that is what one calls it)

Angie's Pinterest 

One more thing before I show you my latest card.  At the end of this month, AUGUST 30TH. to be precise, I will be demonstration at the Paperific Craft Show in Melbourne.  I'll be on the FATCATS CARD CORNER stand which is owned by the beautiful Kaaren.  So my friends.. if any of you are in Melbourne... I would just love it if you could come and say hello to me.  Please identify yourself as one of my Blog followers.  Oh how exciting that would be... to meet you in person.

Here is my latest card.  I haven't made too much that I can show you over the past month or so.  I've been getting ready for the above show and I'm keeping what I am demonstrating there a surprise... so as soon as the show is over.. I'll be sure to show you all.  Ok.. here is my latest...

Much love to you all...

hugs.... Angie      Oh.. and a big MEIOWWWWWW from my little Duchess...  Fergie!