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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exactly Two years ago

Yes.. here is a card I completed exactly two years ago. It's dated 13th September 2007 and would you believe.. it was sent to a friend whose name is Penny :)
I hadn't even given my PENNY FLOWERS eBook a thought then.. but no.. I didn't name PENNY FLOWERS after her.. it's just a nice co-incidence about the name. Hi Penny!
I did however base my Floral Display entry that I entered into the Royal Melbourne Show last year on this card... but a much bigger version and with many more flowers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angiekins!!!!!!!! wow...what an amazing Blog!!! Thanks for finally giving us the link...I am in absolute awe...your work is just beautiful...The Fan card is gorgeous...I haven't tried it yet....maybe again my friend.. AWESOME!!! Gillian X

christina d said...

Wow, Angie! I love your flowers. They're so life-like. Ths is just so neat. Thanks for sharing your works of heART!

Nicola said...

Wow Angie ... so pleased you shared your link as your work is awesome. I can smell these flowers as they look so real.
Nicola -x-

Sharon said...

Angie, I love to see your work. Awesome!!

Mad Mary said...

Absolutely love it Angie, such talent. Oh to be able to make something like that.

Mary x