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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hungry Jacks (Burger King)

When I first started to help some of my Internet friends enter the world of Floral Paper Sculpture one thing that was asked many times and that was.. "what sort of paper do you use?" At that time I was mainly using text weight paper but since then I've found that papers a little heavier, but not card stock, can produce some wonderful effects. However.. back then when asked I said that so long as the paper was the colour you wanted and that you could punch and mould it.. it didn't really matter.. I said "you know.. I heard once that someone had made these flowers from a placemat from a fast food restuarant". The person I said this to thought I was joking. Sometime later while my hubby and I were having dinner at Hungry Jacks (known to some as Burger King) I was looking at the placemats and decided I would give it a go myself so I asked one of the staff if I could have a couple of placemats. Without going further into this story which could become a novel.. I was given two different placemats which I made a card from each. Apart from the actual card.. the flowers and the leaves were made from the placemats. I only used the one type of placemat for each card, however, I did use two of each one.


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Ngoc Dieu said...

very beautiful, i love this