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Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Tilda

Tilda is certainly fulfilling her purpose in my cardmaking as a backdrop for my flowers.  So much so I am not sure she hasn't become the focus.. and my flowers the backdrop.  Here she is again "Tilda with a cat"  Of course.. this kitty is nothing like my Tshina but she sure is a cutie.  The flowers on this card are my Blue Daisies out of PENNY FLOWERS along with a blossom I did about a year ago and couldn't find a use for.
I made this card for a special friend whose birthday I forgot last year and so this year... I was determined not to forget.  Happy Birthday Marianne.

1 comment:

Mad Mary said...

Gorgeous card Angie, i love everything about it. Great to see you posting again.

Mary x