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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pink Pompoms

Here is my latest flower.  I based this flower on my "Sunny Cups" that are featured in PENNY FLOWERS.  The flowers are made almost the same but the petals have the points facing outwards instead of to the centre.
I'm not over happy with the name but it's growing on me..  Perhaps I'll change it if something more suitable comes to mind.  I might even drop the "Pink" part of the name and just call them "Pompoms" because the good thing about these flowers is that you can make them in any colour you like.. or have the centres a different colour... anyway you want to suit your layout.


Anonymous said...

HI Angie - your card is beautiful! the pompoms are lovely! I adore punch art and your flowers are perfect!
Pam Going Postal

Mad Mary said...

I totally agree with Pam, your card is gorgeous Angie. I love it.

Mary x

Regina said...

I miss you my friend!!
Please send me your husband news.

Hugs and love