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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My latest card made for Fatcats Card Corner. 

This was made using the Marianne Creatables Church, the Tree and I've used Mini Royal Roses.  I'm loving these die cut flowers especially at present with my hands being so sore.  I'm thinking I might send this one as a Christmas Card... do you think I would get away with it?
Here a Christmas card I did a little while ago... 

Very simple but one I could send in a normal envelope.  I must admit, I've been thinking of putting some little white and silver flowers over the snowflake on the left... what are your thoughts on this?
It's not too late :)


chillin with Quillin said...

there both lovely, really love the one with the church and yes it would be a nice Christmas card!!
I would leave the other as is, its perfect!!!

Marda said...

I love both the cards. And I have to agree about the second card, it is just perfect as it is right now.

But then roses are nice (G)

Cindy John 3:16 said...

Angie, your cards/blog are BEAUTIFUL!!! I've missed you, even though I haven's said much about that. But, I do check in on your blog quite often as yours is in my list of favorites. I do pray you get the help you need soon as you are such a talented lady!!! I LOVE the work you do. Hope you can keep it up in spite of!!! :)

Janetli921 said...