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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Decorative Pins

The last few months have certainly had me on my toes.  Looking after Rob following his heart attack and then the quad bypass as well as looking after ME.. has been a full time job and didn't leave me with much craft time.  However.. things have settled down and I'm while I didn't stop crafting, I didn't do that much. Things are different now.

Last year one of my friends sent me a card that had a decorative pin on it.  I just loved the look and decided I would have a go but like many things.. time just didn't allow it on the agenda then but this year I started collecting some beads and other materials and here are my first three pins...
Since then I have made three more it's time to put them on to cards. The whole purpose of these pins is to adorn my cards.. and to highlight my flowers. It's so much fun making these but now comes the hard work... putting them into my layouts... STAY TUNED!  Here are the next three pins.


Carla Prediger said...

Angie!!!! Can't believe that you are building yourself these wonderful pins!!!!! They are like a dream for me but despite I can find the pearls and most of the materials here, the pin itself I can't get. Could you send me a scann of the pin so that I can print the image to show at the stores where I'm looking for them?
Hugs, Carla

DebraK said...

I have seen these types of hat pins on cards also and want to someday try to make some on my own. I bought a couple on eBay but yours far exceed what I've seen so far...great job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie
Your pins are so beautiful. I have the same problem as Carla, can't find pins anywhere. Pretty please, do tell where you buy them from. Thanks Cathy

Jose said...

The pins are gorgeous, I wouls likw to ask the same question, please where do you get the oins, or better still what are they called? I am in the UK and might have to buy from ebay

Mad Mary said...

Absolutely gorgeous pins.

Mary x