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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And finally.....

Here are two special cards I made...

This is the card I made for my good friend, Bee's, birthday.  If you haven't looked at her blog.. oh my... you really should.  Bee is my partner in our Yahoo group, PENNY FLOWERS...  she's been a tower of strength to me for years now.  Her blog is on the side of my blog here... BAUKJE'S CARDS & CRAFTS.


Finally.... FOR NOW ONLY... a display I made for my most favourite coffee haunt... and the special lady there who make's the best coffee in town!
This is an A4 display (landscape) in an open frame.


jperr said...

Angie the cards are beautiful,your talent is amazing.
Blessings Jocelan

PS Hope you will be feeling better soon

Rose said...

Rose is a beautiful flower.