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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dogwood Flowers & Chicken Wire

Here's another card that is way out of my comfort zone.  I'm so used to using pretty pastel colours but it is good to venture outside our comfort zones.
I thought today, rather than just show you my finished product I would explain a little about how I did it.
For my flowers, I used one of the shapes from Cheery Lynn Build a Flower3...

I used the shapes that are yellow coloured (2nd row from bottom, right side) and cut four of these.
I used some brown ink (from a stamp pad) which I applied with a small pom pom to the little 'notch' area of the petals.  I gave the petals some shaping and moulding and then cut off the little bit of the stem part that has a small hole and then adhered one petal per arm of my base shape.
For the base shape you could use anything that has four arms.. for example, I used a small hydrangea flower..
It's important after gluing the petals to your base shape that you allow it to dry completely.  Then give it some cupping in the centre to make the flower sit how you'd like it to. 
Now for the centre I pondered on this for some time to come up with something that would be appropriate.  I used five tiny daisies that I cut out of brown paper.
Give each daisy severe cupping and stand them up against each other.  This is hard for me to explain so let me show you up close so you can see it better.
Now add some leaves.  I used some very plain leaves I had that are part of the Spellbinders Rose Creations set.  I rubbed them over with some green Metallic Cream Chalk which game them some sheen.
The rest of the card:   I used the Cheery Lynn Chicken Wire which I cut to make it look a little rustic. I placed two Cheery Lynn Lace Corners Deco A opposite corners. .. Best Wishes (Cheery Lynn) finished off my card.
This is the first time I have ever given any type of instructions.  I do hope they work out ok for you and perhaps be a help for someone.  Here is the finished project.  hugs... Angie


chillin with Quillin said...

lovely flowers ,really like the card !!!!

Michelle Jadaa said...

lovely as always.I hope you are taking care of yourself:)

lucy said...

loved them angie .

Donna Przybylowski said...

Beautiful card Angie, love the flower, and looks great on the chicken wire!!! Hope you are feeling better. Again, lovely card, I know whom ever would get this would love it as well!! You do such wonderful work!!
Take care of your self,
hugs and love,
Donna Prz

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