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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Down but NOT out!

If it's not one thing, it's another. This year has not bee kind to me but I am sure ALL things happen for a reason. Well my friends, I am in so much pain at present. I have a bulging disc in my lower spine that is resting on the sciatic nerves. I did this six years ago and was on my back for five months. I will NOT let it do that to me again. Surely all the weight I have lost has to be a help...

I am going to TRY and keep crafting if my pain levels permit but I'm not promising. To all who supported me by writing to the person who had put my work on her site... it paid off and she has finally removed it. THANK YOU. Us crafters around the world need to band together and support each other when things like this happen. On our own it's hard to do anything but support from so many makes us like an army.

I will continue to keep you updated on how I am. I am currently working on a few little ideas using beads.. Just like my pins I showed you all some time ago. My plan is to incorporate these beading ideas onto my cards.. I wont tell you just now what I am up to but as soon as I get something done I'll be sure to show it to you.

Thanks again for your support. Please keep me in your prayers. hugs... Angie

Just a word of the Duchess, our Fergie. She is doing so well and continues to put a smile on my face. She's not too sure about my walking frame except that it's like a step up to Mummy's shoulders. She loves to jump up on my shoulder and will do it when I least expect it. Not too good at present but try telling her that. Perhaps her ideas are better than we think... I'll post some up to date photos of the girl soon. Meiowwwww from Fergie!


LISA said...

Oh my goodness Angie!! Someone stole your work for their site???!!!!Shame on them!!! Sorry to hear you are feeling a little down, but glad your not out!! I also love creating flowers and put plenty of tutorials on my blog to teach others. People should be kind and respectful when it comes to others work. Inspiration is one thing, stealing is another. Sorry that happened to you, glad others banded together and had your back!! Keep creating, you also inspire me!!

jules said...
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jules said...

Angie Sorry about the last message (deleted) i did it wrong!,anyway i just came over to see your stunning cards.Im sorry your suffering hun my daughter has the same thing she cries with pain!,
.I will pray for you, also im glad you stopped the crafter who stole your work!

NĂ¡gela said...

Glad you all decided on their creative rights. I always say there are people who have the gift to create and others can only copy! His talent us who follow your blog already know. Best for you.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Hi Angie,
I'm so pleased that awful person didn't win in the end. As you said you've had such a terrible year and I do hope that once 2011 ends 2012 will bring much better health and happiness. Do hope the pain eases soon and I look forward to more of your wonderful creations in the future.

Love Sheila xx

texascraft said...

Have just been on your blog for the first time and saw your weight loss. Well done you look fantastic, your work is beautiful, look forward to seeking lots more of your work when your health improves.
janet B

Craftylicious said...

hey angie,

i herniated 3 discs in my lower back 10 years ago & as a back pain sufferer, i can completely understand the pain your in. it isnt pleasant i know but crafting has been my saviour its managed to be the one constant in my life and keeps me smiling regardless of the pain i may be in.

much love
tracie x